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Recruitment is over, and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Summer School in Sibiu!
This year we will be joined by an exceptional five participants who will take us on an extraordinary journey.
After much effort and difficult choices, we have selected the lucky ones who will spend unforgettable moments with us from 25-30 June.
Their passion, curiosity about the world and desire for adventure have secured them a place in this life-changing aventure.
Sibiu has already welcomed spring and is slowly warming up for our arrival. Picturesque streets, monuments and secrets to discover await us. But the most excitement will certainly come from the participants themselves – their diverse personalities, ideas and energies will make these few days quite challenging for all of us!
We will be hitting the road soon. Follow our preparations and stay with us throughout this summer feast!
Ahead of us are days full of excitement, new friendships and amazing memories in the heart of Romania. Sibiu, here we come!