About the Programme

This MA program is aimed at creating a community of responsible business leaders that are aware of the need for more sustainable solutions in socio-economic life. Candidates will have a great opportunity to learn the theory which enables a real sift towards sustainability, to acquire skills and capabilities to run more sustainable businesses, as well as to support the idea of sustainable development in other significant ways.


The Most Important Courses
Marketing for Sustainable Development

As a result of the course students become aware of the fundamental meaning of sustainable marketing, they are able to identify sustainable product opportunities, influence new product development, as well as explore the potential of partnerships, in accordance with building trust with customers, consumers and society.

Climate and Energy Challenges in Europe

In this course students get to know two of the most important challenges and treats for the contemporary development processes, namely the problem of climate change, overuse of non-renewable energy sources and increasing demand for energy.

Sustainable urban and regional development

During this course students get to know basic theory, case studies and challenges related to local and regional development processes, with main focus on mutual relations to the idea of sustainable development and sustainability.

Sustainable Development and Globalisation

Globalisation resulted in numerous changes in “traditional” business processes, attitudes and relations, including supply chains. It influences societies and national economies in various ways. This course provides students with core issues related to international laws, regulations, international affairs as well as conditions for running a business in a sustainable way.



Sustainable Development


The Structure of the Programme

During the first semester you will learn general subjects that ensure the basic knowledge in economics, e.g.: Macroeconomics, History of Economic Thought, Economic Law and Statistical Reasoning. This approach allows all students to acquire knowledge necessary to develop their career in economic environment.

During the second semester, you will learn Econometrics and Economic Prognosis as well as Managerial Economics as general courses, Maths and Economics and Economic Projects Evaluation – Methods, and finally Sustainable urban and regional development. You will have an option to choose two from four courses devoted to issues of sustainable development: Environmental Management Systems, Economics and Politics of European Integration, Personal finance or Spatial planning and sustainable development.

During the third semester key courses will be International Economy, Sustainable Decision Making in Economics, Marketing for sustainable development, Sustainable business – integrated management systems, Principles of sustainable development and introduction to ecology as well as MA thesis seminar. This semester is very significant in terms of acquiring knowledge and getting skills needed for successful career development in the area of sustainable development.

The last, fourth semester is focused on preparing MA thesis. The only courses are Sustainable development and globalization, MA thesis seminar and two of four courses: Public finance, Theory of economic growth, Real estate market and ISO 14000 Series.


Advantages of the Programme

Studying our MA programme at the Faculty of Economics will benefit students’ career and life. The programme adopts an interdisciplinary approach, combining natural and social sciences. Our students are not afraid to ask difficult questions and are also able to approach crucial issues from differing perspectives. Moreover, during the 2-year period students will continuously improve their English language skills. Studying in small or medium groups provides individualised support in order to help students to develop their talents to the fullest.