The Faculty of Economics of the Opole University

The Faculty of Economics of the Opole University


International Business

Teaching Staff:

Prof. Janusz Słodczyk

  • Human geography

Dr. Daniel Rodzeń

  • Information Technologies

Dr. Bartosz Fortuński

  • Microeconomics

Dr. Laura Płatkowska-Prokopczyk

  • Management

Dr. Aleksandra Dudek

  • Maths in Economics

Prof. Tomasz Ciesielski

  • Economic history

Dr. Teresa Maszczak

  • Accounting

Dr. Wojciech Goleński

  • Sociology

Sustainable Development

Teaching Staff:

Dr. Agnieszka Dembicka – Niemiec

  • Institutional fundaments of urban and regional sustainable development

Dr. Laura Płatkowska-Prokopczyk

  • Human resources management

Dr. Bartosz Fortuński


  • History of Economic Thought

Prof. Marta Maciejasz-Świątkiewicz

  • Macroeconomics 2

Dr. Agnieszka Tłuczak

  • Statistical Reasoning

Prof. Jacek Karwowski

  • Financial markets


Dr. Agnieszka Dembicka – Niemiec

Specjalisation: Sustainable Development

dr Bartosz Fortuński

Dr. Bartosz Fortuński

Specjalisation: International Business

Dear Students!
We are absolutely delighted to host you at the University of Opole for your exchange programme visit. This is the catalogue of courses taught in English (or exceptionally in other foreign languages) available to you to join in the academic year 2017/18 offered by the faculties of the University of Opole. Please work with your departmental coordinators to include them in your Learning Agreement.
The registration for the courses opens at the beginning of each semester. Please note that some of the courses are scheduled for the winter, some for the summer semester and only a handful of them are taught in both winter and summer semesters.
The most up to date list of courses can be found at:
Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your departmental coordinator or the Office for International Relations of the University of Opole at:

Secretary’s office of Faculty of Economics
tel. (+-48 (0) 77) 40 16 880
fax (+-48 (0) 77) 40 16 901
Opole, str. Ozimska 46a, 45-058, Poland


Faculty of Economics is an accredited examination center of EBC*L
(European Business Competences Licence)

Admission rules for foreigners at the University of Opole



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